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Advanced Technology

With artificial intelligence and a management platform for total control of the operation

Certified by the post office

Receive deliveries from the major carriers without problems

Integration with other systems

Integrate the locker with the system used in your condominium

Automated Locker

Receive your orders at your address at any time, even when you are away from home

registered condominiums
deliveries done

The delivery person enters the apartment number and enters the resident’s name

Choose the most suitable size compartment and deposit the order

It closes the door and automatically a message is sent to the resident

The resident uses the QR Code or password they received by message and opens the exact door

what is the ideal locker size for my condominium?

The size of the locker will depend on factors such as the number of packages received in the condominium and the number of apartments. When you talk to one of our specialists, present this data to locate the ideal locker.

how much does the handover smart locker cost?

The cost for purchase or rental may vary according to locker size and customization.  Access our e-commerce to customize and understand your cost.

can I buy or rent a locker?

We have both modalities, and it is possible to choose according to the condominium’s needs.

is a door necessary for each apartment?

No, because the doors are shared. If a delivery person leaves a package for a resident at door 1, that compartment is reserved until the resident picks it up via password or QR code. After the package is picked up, compartment 1 becomes available again for use by any other apartment.

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