Terms of Use

By clicking that you accept the Terms and Conditions (T&C) of Handover, you (You or the user) declare to have previously read this T&C in its entirety, having agreed with all the conditions set forth in this T&C, especially those that limit or in any way restrict your rights. You also declare to use the services made available by HandOver, in the terms established herein.

1. What is Handover

1.1 Handover was created to solve a simple problem of mobility and urban logistics, with an innovative idea that proposes the use of intelligent Lockers to exchange or store products, goods and other belongings (Products), thus transforming the consumer experience and the way people share.
1.2 Handover makes its Lockers available in public places or places of public access. Lockers are nothing more than structures forming large customizable cabinets capable of storing, as set forth herein, objects, merchandise and other belongings (Products).

1.3 Lockers are composed by LockerBoxes, which are nothing more than an individual compartment. That is, the compartment that You rent in the quantity and format desired, provided that it is available, to exchange or store Products.

2. Conditions of registration for use of a LockerBox

2.1 To register the User must have a compatible cell phone and able to install the application Handover. The solution is available only in app format, not being possible to access via webpage.
2.2. The device will be available in iOS and Android systems.

2.3 After downloading the application, the User must make a first registration, which will contain general information capable of individualizing it, such as: (i) full name; (ii) date of birth; (iii) cell phone number; (iv) personal e-mail, and; (v) personal password.

2.4 The User should bear in mind, however, that in order to make a rental, other data will be required, such as: (i) a valid cpf; (ii) valid address, and; (iv) valid credit card data.

2.5. Handover also authorizes the registration of legal entities in its application. In this case, the one who performs the registration on behalf of the legal entity declares, for all legal purposes, including criminal, that has full and unrestricted power of representation of the legal entity hired, being fully responsible before the legal entity and any third party in case of access to the application after loss of power of representation.

2.6 The use of the functionalities of the Handover application is allowed only for people with at least eighteen (18) years of age, being prohibited for minors and other legally incapable people for any reason.

3. Liability for False Data

3.1 Any false, incorrect, altered or invalid data submitted by the User shall result in the immediate cancellation of this and the blocking of any Lockers used by him, without prejudice to other applicable legal implications and linked to misrepresentation.

4. Conditions of use of a LockerBox

4.1. After registration and the completion of all prerequisites, You may use the LockerBox in the amount and location desired, provided there is availability for use. The LockerBox rental time is determined by the User, that is, there is no time limit.
4.2 During the rental period, the LockerBox may be used as many times as you want, without any limit.

4.3. The space will be charged in different formats, according to User’s needs.

4.4 It is possible to share the LockerBox with up to two other people, provided that these people are also registered users in Handover and have an active account

4.5. After the User requests the rental of a LockerBox through the application, he will have the option to add the sharing ID of the other user. Thus both have access to the same LockerBox.

4.6. When using a Locker, the User shall, at all times, respect the conditions set forth herein and also the conditions and rules for access to locations where Lockers are installed. There may be time limits for access to places such as commercial establishments and other rules may be required, such as the use of specific clothing and the prohibition of access with animals.

4.7. Before renting a Locker, the User shall identify the access conditions to the location where it has been installed. Handover is not responsible for any setbacks or other difficulties in access to Lockers due to conditions established at the locations where they are installed, being the User’s obligation to prior knowledge of these for the proper use of these spaces.

4.8. The Locker use is equally conditioned to weight, volume and other dimensions limits previously informed by Handover. The use of any Products in conditions of weight, dimensions and volumes out of the standards established by Handover shall make User liable for all damages suffered by Handover, other users and third parties eventually impacted by the improper use.

5. Prohibited Use

5.1. Locker use for any illicit, illegal or even immoral purposes is prohibited and may be suspended or even blocked.
5.2 It is forbidden to store money, credit titles of any nature, personal documents, precious metals, illicit drugs, weapons, explosives, inflammable products, restricted or controlled access products, poisons, materials harmful to health, any living beings, any food or other perishable products, dead animals, plants, frozen products or products that require specific temperature conditions, medicines, products sensitive to light, water, sun or humidity.

5.3 By including any product classified as prohibited in the Locker, User is fully and solely responsible for all legal consequences, compensation for damages and other penalties, even administrative, applicable. Said liability shall apply to any damages incurred by Handover, by the administration of the site where the Lockers are installed, by third parties and any other users.

6. Payment

6.1 At this time is only allowed to pay using credit card. So it is necessary that when you register in the application, you also register your card, so you can make payment for the provision of a Locker.
6.2 The values will be informed in Reais and may be subject to change without notice. The amount paid by the User and the conditions attached to payment will always be informed prior to each rental.

6.3 The time resulting from the use of LockerBox, is determined by the user, and hourly, daily or monthly.

6.4 Upon prepayment, each User may rent the amount of LockerBox he or she wishes.

7. Security measures and exemption from liability

7.1. Handover’s Lockers are composed of security systems, which may contain up to 4 cameras. In addition, only the User who rented the LockerBox and the User who received permission from who rented it, through the locker sharing feature by the application, can unlock the lock, with the help of the application.
7.2 The Locker also has a sound anti-theft alarm system that can also emit a beep if the User forgets the locker door open, sending a message to your application. All this to ensure the security of the User’s items.

7.3 Handover, however, does not give any guarantee that the measures informed above will not fail or be subject to power failure, breakage, manufacturing defects, acts of vandalism, unforeseen events and force majeure, among others.

7.4 There is no guarantee that the Locker rented is in proper condition for use. There is no guarantee of insurance or other compensation measures related to products available in the Locker.

7.5 The loss, theft, robbery or any damage, malfunction or defects identified in the Product shall not be the responsibility of Handover, which is limited to providing rental space that is subject to the action of third parties and even other users.


8. Access by authorities

8.1. Legal authorities may order the opening and blocking of products kept in Lockers and also the provision of data from its Users whenever there is reasonable suspicion of illegal use or in any way linked to acts not permitted by current legislation.
8.2 Handover will always cooperate with the authorities, respecting any secrecy determinations and other determinations presented under the appropriate legal support.

9. Personal and untransferable password

9.1 The password to access the User’s account is created by the User and aims to protect the information contained therein. Therefore, the User is responsible for maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of his account and password, being generally and unconditionally responsible for its use by any third party that has access to it.
9.2 The User must create his account accessing the platform through a safe device and with antivirus systems updated, avoiding public wifi networks, internet cafes and internet cafes, for example. This same care must be taken whenever the User accesses his account.

9.3 When creating his account, the User must also observe criteria that make it difficult for third parties to identify his password. To this end, the User should avoid number sequences that refer to telephone numbers, birth dates and other numerical or alphabetical sequences that can be easily linked to the User.

9.4 The User undertakes to notify Handover immediately, through the contact channels maintained by Handover, of any unauthorized use of his account.

9.5 The User shall be solely responsible for the safekeeping of the password to access the platform, and Handover shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the disclosure of the User’s password to third parties.

10. Denunciation

10.1 There is an official channel for totally anonymous denunciation related to Locker inadequate use, vandalism, theft, robbery and any other practice that in any way interferes with the proper use of this important solution for storing Products.
10.2 For greater security of reports, Handover always recommends the presentation, by the whistleblower, of elements that can ratify the information presented by him.

10.3 Handover emphasizes that false reports may be verified and, in this case, the whistleblower may be legally responsible, including for possible crime.

11. Assignment or Sublease

11.1 The assignment or sublease of leased space is expressly prohibited, which are intended solely for Users previously linked to the use of each Locker.

12. Intellectual Property

12.1 The commercial use of the term “Handover” and its derivations as a trademark, corporate name or domain name, as well as logos, trademarks, insignia, layout of Handover, content of the screens relating to the services of Handover and the set of programs, databases, networks and files that allow the User to access and use your account, are owned by Handover and are protected by laws and international treaties on copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs.
12.2 The improper use and total or partial reproduction of such content are prohibited, except with the express authorization of Handover.

13. Violation of the system or database

13.1 It is forbidden to use any device, software or other resource that may interfere with Handover’s activities and operations, as well as its accounts or databases. Any intrusion, attempt to, or activity that violates or contravenes the laws of intellectual property rights and the prohibitions stipulated in this T&C will make the responsible party liable to suffer the effects of the relevant legal actions, as well as the sanctions provided herein, and will also be responsible for indemnifying T&C or its users for any damage caused.

14. Alteration of the T&C

14.1 The present T&C may be changed at any time. However, for security and transparency in the relationship with the Users, Handover undertakes to always request the User’s new approval.

15. Applicable Rules and Jurisdiction

15.1 This T&C and all developments in the relationship with the User will be interpreted and governed under the laws and other rules of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

15.2. Handover is always available through the contact us and other channels that may be created. Through there will always be sought the most transparent solutions and within the rules of this T&C. However, in case of conflict or dispute even after amicable attempts, it is elected the forum of São Paulo, Capital of the State, as the only competent forum to address any dispute between the parties involved.

16. Contact

Address: Av. Paulista, 171 – 4th floor – Bela Vista, São Paulo – SP, 01311-000, Brazil
Telephone: +55 11 3230-6237
E-mail: diga@oihandover.com