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Management Platform

Control of the entire operation, and integration with various systems.

Control of the equipment

Autonomous and error-free equipment release and return.

Security and Control

24-hour camera and alarm system.

Robustness and durability

Manufactured in galvanized steel, with highly durable powder painting.

The employee opens a door with a QR code or with his own RFID badge

Deposits the asset in the locker, which stores the operation data

This data can be used for monitoring and reporting

Thus, the locker controls by whom and when the asset can be removed

how much does the smart locker cost?

The cost for purchase or rental may vary according to locker size and customization. Access our e-commerce to customize and understand your cost.

how do i hire a handover locker?

To have a handover in your business just contact one of our experts and let us know which intelligent storage solution meets your demand. Our solution can be customized for your business.

what is the ideal model for my company?

The recommended model for industries is the one with 8 doors per column, with the option of polycarbonate on the doors, allowing the active inside the compartment to be seen.

can the locker be customized?

Yes, both the design and the systems are customizable according to your business needs and can be integrated into your system.

how is the asset management done?

The locker stores and uses delivery and return information of the items, such as who delivered, who returned, times, compartments used, the battery level in case of chargeable equipment, and with this information it is possible to monitor the incoming and outgoing equipment.

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