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what is an Ombudsman?

The ombudsman is a channel for you to submit suggestions, compliments, requests, complaints and denunciations. The ombudsman receives the manifestations, analyzes them, guides them, forwards them to the areas responsible for the treatment or investigation, answers the claimant, and concludes the claim.

what is the Ombudsman's initial response timeframe?

Within 48 working hours a representative from the Ombudsman’s Office will initiate contact.

is it possible to include attachments in the manifestation?

Yes, you can include text document, image, spreadsheet, PDF file, audio, and video.

what happens to my manifest after registration?

When you register the manifestation, an evaluation of the case is made to identify the best way to treat it.

The ombudsman may answer your manifestation; ask you to complete it; provide guidance; forward it to the internal unit responsible for solving the issue or it may also forward it to another organ, depending on the case. You will always be informed about the course of action taken.

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