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increase in delivery productivity

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Security and Control

24-hour camera and alarm system.

Route Optimization

The route optimizer enables faster and more effective deliveries.

Integration with other systems

Integrate the locker with the systems used by your company.

Advanced Technology

With artificial intelligence and a management platform to control the entire operation.

Optimize routes and deliver faster

with the transit point solution, where the locker works as a micro distribution center, which provides faster deliveries, in larger quantities per day, and at lower costs.

Have more agility in the equipment support

with lockers as an advanced stock to provide equipment support, where the parts are stored in the lockers, with easy access for withdrawal and return by the technicians.

growth of the locker operation
equipment passing through the lockers

The products or parts leave the stocks or distribution centers

Each item is deposited in the locker that is close to the customer

The products or parts are stored temporarily in the locker

The item is brought to the customer by more efficient and economical vehicles

how much does the smart locker cost?

The cost for purchase or rental may vary according to the size and customization of the locker. For more information, click here and talk to one of our specialists.

how do i get a handover locker?

To have a handover in your business just contact one of our experts and let us know which intelligent storage solution meets your demand. Our solution can be customized for your business.

can the locker be customized?

Yes, both the design and the systems are customizable according to your business needs and can be integrated into your system.

does the contracting work by purchase or rental?

We have both modalities, and it is possible to choose the contracting model that best suits the needs of your business.

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