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What is an intelligent locker and what is it used for?

The smart locker is a metal cabinet that has an integrated intelligence system, which allows it to be accessed through applications, access screen, voice system, facial recognition, among others, and without the need to use keys.

The handover smart locker serves all market segments with intelligent storage solutions, reducing costs in logistics operations, shortening delivery routes, facilitating the management of orders in condominiums, managing assets in industries, among other solutions.

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How big are the doors?

The doors come in a variety of sizes and can be customized according to the client’s needs. Our minimum size is 13 x 42cm and our maximum size is 180 x 42 cm.

Is the intelligent handover locker safe?

Yes, the lockers have a 24-hour alarm system and security camera. Our systems monitor access, controlling who and when accessed the compartment. All data is stored for control and security.


How much does a locker cost?

The cost for purchase or rental may vary according to the size and customization of the locker. For more information, click here and talk to one of our specialists.

How do I contract a handover locker for my business?

To have a handover in your business just contact one of our experts and let us know which intelligent storage solution meets your demand. Our solution can be customized for your business.

Is the contracting by purchase or rental?

We have both modalities and you can choose according to the needs of your business.

Is handover available in my city?

We serve all the cities in Brazil. Our operation works remotely and we have technicians to provide on-site assistance regardless of the city.

Which market sector does handover serve?

Handover serves all sectors that need intelligent storage. We serve condominiums, e-commerces, industries, carriers, shopping malls, laundries, gyms, amusement parks, among others.


How to contract a smart mailbox for my condominium?

To contract a handover, just get in touch with one of our specialists by clicking here and give us the condominium’s data, such as CNPJ, number of buildings and apartments, delivery flow, among other information, so that we can quote the ideal locker for your condominium.

What is the ideal locker size for my condominium?

The ideal size of the locker will depend on factors such as the amount of packages received in the condominium and the number of apartments. When talking to one of our specialists, present this data to identify the ideal locker.

Is it possible to receive deliveries from couriers and carriers in the handover lockers?

Yes, we are certified by the Post Office, and other carriers can deliver.

Do I need a door for each apartment?

No, because the doors are shared, i.e. if the deliveryman leaves a package for a resident at door 1, that compartment is reserved until the resident removes it by password or QR code. After the package is picked up, compartment 1 becomes available again for use by any other apartment.

Is it possible to integrate with the remote entrance of my condominium?

Yes, we work with an open API, which means that we have no restrictions on integrating with any entrance or security system.

How do I know that my order has arrived?

After the delivery person places your package in the locker and completes the deposit, an email, sms, or WhatsApp message will be sent to you informing you that your package is available for pickup in the locker.

Who doesn’t understand technology can use it?

Yes, our system is totally intuitive, with only 2 touches on the screen the resident can remove the order.


How does the locker work in logistics?

We work with several solutions to serve the logistics sector. Such as transit point, click & collect, cross docking and advanced inventory. You can contact us and explain your needs, so our specialist will understand what is the best solution for your business.

Is it possible to integrate with my company’s system?

Yes, we work with an open API, which means that we have no restrictions on integrating with your company’s system.