Cookie Policy

1. scope

1.1 Handover Tecnologia LTDA (Handover) is concerned about protecting your privacy. This Cookies Policy (“Policy”) explains the manner in which Handover uses Cookies on its websites and applications (“Platforms”), its content and services (“Services”). As User accesses and performs any operation on Handover’s Platforms, User will be asked about the possibility and acceptance of the use of Cookies.

2. Definitions

2.1 The definitions below are for reference so that the User may have a proper understanding of this Policy.
2.2 User: the natural person to whom the personal data subject to processing refer.

2.3 Personal data: the data regulated in this Policy includes information that identifies you or is capable of identifying you, directly or indirectly, as an individual.

2.4 Handover; Us: means Handover Tecnologia LTDA, a private legal entity, with head office at Avenida Paulista, 171 – 4th floor, Bela Vista – São Paulo/SP, registered with the CNPJ under no. 32.157.419/0001-48.

2.5 Processing: is any operation performed with Personal Data, such as those related to collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, filing, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination or extraction from Personal Data.

3. Cookies and other storage technologies

3.1 Cookies are used to store information in browsers. That is, they store information collected from mobile devices, computers, and any other means of accessing the internet through a browser. There are also other technologies that are used to store access and preference information, also possible in applications. All these technologies will be referred to in this Policy as “Cookies”.

3.2 The purpose of this Policy is to clarify how we use Cookies and what choices you have about their use. To the extent applicable, the Data Protection Policy will determine how the Processing of Personal Data carried out through Cookies will be carried out.

4. How do Cookies help us?

4.1. Cookies have a number of functions and possibilities such as measuring interaction, protecting access, personalizing the User experience, among others.
4.2 In any case, Cookies will always be used for the following purposes:

4.3. Authentication: We use Cookies to verify when you are logged in, so we can facilitate your access to our Services.

4.4 Integrity of your Personal Data: We use Cookies to ensure the control and security of our Users’ Personal Data.

4.5 We also use them to combat activities that violate our Policies or impair our ability to provide our Services.

4.6 Recommendations, information and measurement: We use Cookies to help us make recommendations and structure all Handover logistics to Users who may be interested in our partners’ products and our Services.

4.7 We also use Cookies to help us measure performance in the use of Handover Lockers by companies using our Services.

4.8. Cookies also allow us to have information about the people who use our Services and about the people who interact with our websites and applications which may also involve businesses that take advantage of our technology solutions.

4.9. Cookies serve the purpose of storing your preferences regarding the display of advertisements, preventing you from having to decline more than once something that you would not like to be displayed.

4.10. Analysis and research: We use cookies to better understand how people use our Services and to be able to improve them.

5. Where do we use Cookies?

5.1 We may place Cookies on your computer or device and receive information stored on them when you use or visit our Platforms.

5.2 Can other companies use Cookies?

5.2.1 Yes, partner companies may use their own Cookies on our Platforms to provide services to us and to Users. To understand how other companies use Cookies, please review their policies.

5.3 How can you control the use of Cookies?

5.3.1 Your browser or device may have settings that allow you to choose and set Cookies. However, some Cookies are essential to the provision of the Services. If you object to the use of necessary Cookies and make adjustments in your browser to disable them, the Services may not function correctly or as expected.