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In view of the technological advances and the need of the population that faces a daily accelerated routine, a new solution was developed to receive parcel deliveries, the intelligent mailbox through lockers. 

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Through this solution, it is possible to receive mail without the recipient actually being present to receive it. In the case of residential or commercial condominiums, it is possible to receive documents and shopping items even if the resident or owner is not at home to receive them..

The tool helps condominium tenants with convenience and cost reduction . Want to know more about smart mailboxes? Read on and learn all about this innovative tool!

What is the Smart Mailbox?

The smart mailbox, also known as smart lockers, is nothing more than a locker for storing and monitoring personal items that are delivered by carriers or delivery APPs.

Smart lockers have monitoring cameras and alarm systems that bring greater practicality and security for the condominium’s residents and for the building superintendents and administrators. Not to mention that their use avoids complaints about lost merchandise, damages upon receipt, or the return of items purchased in e-commerce.

How does the smart mailbox work?

In condominiums, the recommendation is that the mailboxes (smart lockers) are allocated in the hall, allowing controlled and easy access to the carriers. The security images provided by the locker’s camera, will reveal when the delivery person or janitor placed the package in the smart locker.

The delivery man announces that he wants to make a delivery, enters the building, uses the service screen in the locker. The door opens and the item can be placed inside the locker. The locker then sends a message to the resident that he or she has received mail in the locker.

What are the benefits of using the smart mailbox?

The use of the intelligent mailbox brings the residents of the condominium a number of benefits. The main one is the guarantee of receiving the products purchased by the residents. See below other relevant benefits that this solution makes possible:

  • cost reduction for the management and receipt of deliveries
  • relocation or dismissal of employees who work in the reception of orders.
  • more time for the reception of deliveries, the lockers work 24 hours a day
  • elimination of the risk of damage to the packages by the reception desk.
  • touch of modernity to the reception area;
  • more comfort and convenience for unit owners and managers;
  • easy handling by the users;
  • customization according to the internal decoration style;
  • optimized use of space.

In short, the smart mailbox is a technological alternative that makes condominium environments safer and more practical. The locker guarantees more agility in receiving deliveries from the condominium occupants, speeds up the doormen’s work, and facilitates the delivery companies’ services. 

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